About Griptech and INS Intersoft Nexo.

Griptech has many years of experience developing and producing electronic measuring instruments primarily for industrial applications. Entrepreneurship is a strong element in the spirit of our company.

Since the development of our main product – the mobile hydraulic truck scale TC2000 – mobile weighing has become our mission. Today we have developed, and produce, a variety of mobile weighing products and enjoy being sparring partner with importers, dealers and end users, all over the world.

When TC2000 was developed in 1996 all prejudices against hydraulic weighing vanished. The combination of robustness and accuracy made many more industries use mobile weighing – they rather work smart than hard!

Today new TC products are developed – latest a legal for trade mobile weighing system the TC4000 with a accurancy of 0.1% of truck capacity.

We design products for long term use, because quality does matter!

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