Griptech strengthens its presence in the Nordics exclusive dealer collaboration with Flintab.

Let us introduce you to our new exclusive dealer for the Nordics!

Since January 2020 is Flintab exclusive dealer for Griptech in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Flintab AS was established in 1870 upon a basis with the assurance and capability of more than 150 years experience acquired in the scales and weighing field. Flintab has been a INS Intersoft Nexo dealer of mobile weighing systems to before.

In 2017 is INS Intersoft Nexo acquired by Griptech but with our increased collaboration and focus we see growth opportunities in new markets, says Mikael Kolemainen, Sales Manager at Flintab AB and Rodney van der Lingen, Export Manager at Griptech GmbH.

Besides being mainly involved in forklift weighing scales the company also provides services and spare parts.

We are very pleased that Flintab is willing to distribute our products in the Nordics. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the team have given us the confidence that they are able to market Griptech products in the best way possible.

In case any questions rise, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Flintab AB
Kabelvägen 4
553 02 Jönköping
Phone: 036 – 31 42 00


2019 is coming to an end, Griptech GmbH would like to say thank you.

Dear reader,

The end of the year 2019 is a special period in which Griptech proudly looks back on the successes of the past months, but where we also look forward to the future with confidence.

We like to thank you for the values that we stand for today and for which you know and appreciate Griptech GmbH. We appreciate the cooperation for the many successful moments that we have experienced with you.

During 2020 we will be happy to assist with support and advice. We look forward to further cooperation.

For the coming Christmas we wish you and your family beautiful and relaxing days and for the new year health and personal and professional success.

Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress Collaboration is a success.
– Henry Ford

Kind regards

Griptech GmbH

T +49 (0)2407 555 0271

Growthway – the Griptech partner for Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia

Let us introduce you to our new dealer for Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia!

Since September is Growthway Ltd dealer for Griptech in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Growthway Ltd was established in 2019 upon a basis with the assurance and capability of more than 10 years work experience acquired in the material handling field. The Sofia-based company is run by Vladimir Georgiev. Besides being mainly involved in forklift weighing scales and various attachments the company also provides services and spare parts.

We are very pleased that Growthway Ltd is willing to distribute our products in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the team have given us the confidence that they are able to market Griptech products in the best way possible.

In case any questions rise, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Growthway Ltd
13 Mayor Gortalov Str.,
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 89 871 7660

Haris Sadagic as your contact for Griptech in Denmark

As you know Griptech GmbH has taken over all activities in regard to mobile weighing systems from
INS Intersoft Nexo. Since September 2017 we do our business directly with you, with the support of Knud-Erik Larsen in the background.

Herewith we would like to inform you that we have employed Haris Sadagic for sales, service and installations. Haris has worked many years for Intersoft and knows the INS products very well. Haris moved to Køge near Copenhagen and is able to support you, well equiped, anywhere in Denmark. For Marketing and sales Rodney van der Lingen ‘International Product Manager ´ will support Haris. All order confirmations and deliveries will be done from Griptech in Germany.

With this move we hope to improve our presence and service level on the Danish market. Besides the well known INS hydraulic weighing systems we will also stimulate our load cell based weighing systems like: weighing forks, weighing hand pallet trucks and the integration of weighing systems in electrical pallet trucks and stackers (the mechanical modification is done in our factory in The Netherlands).

Beyond this we also design and produce hydraulic lift truck attachments, but our focus will be first on mobile weighing systems.

We hope to extend our business relationship. Haris will contact you to present himself and the company in the next coming weeks. For any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you need further information.

With kind reagrds,

Haris Sadagic                                                      Rodney P. van der Lingen
Sales and Service                                                International Product & Export Manager
T +45 30 43 68 88

Optimized TC2000-S for warehouse trucks without return hose.

Griptech introduced you a new way of mobile weighing on warehouse trucks, we try to optimized the material handling industries with a great solution. The TC2000-S can be installed on almost any type of stackers and powered pallet trucks without any return hose back to the tank. With this pattend system we can quarante the same accurancy as exemple the TC2000 (0.2% of truck capacity).

The TC2000-S is a very reliable and high-quality weighing system. The best weighing result is guaranteed in combination with the TC indicator software. This system has no influence on the capacity of the truck and the load center point and can also be used in combination with attachments. The weighing components are built-in protected on the lift truck and are insensitive to overloading and impact forces and suitable for intensive applications.


  • Small design for installation in warehouse trucks
  • Smart software for one way movement, down only
  • Safe protected against overload on the weighing system
  • Secure data storage for 999 weighing on the indicator
  • Sexy, it is…

Lift the load to a height marked on the mast. The system is activated by pressing a button on the indicator and the fork carriage is lowered by the operator via the usual controls. The speed is controlled via the measuring block. The weight is now calculated and appears in the display.

DMD reduces the influence of mechanical frictions in the forklift mast and hydraulic cylinders by automatically lowering the forks during weighing operations.

The TC2000-S system is based on a reliable hydraulic weighing principle (DMD), offering a unique robustness and protection against overload. The power supply and transient protection circuit enables the TC2000-S to fit almost any forklift truck without having to pay special attention to supply voltages and electrical noise.


Griptech GmbH moves to a new modern office. Griptech represents forklift attachments, weighing systems and camera systems throughout the whole world. With the new building Griptech is able to optimize their service and customer orientation plus the developement and production of the weighing technology will take place there. The production of Griptech forklift truck attachments stays in Sint Annaparochie in the Netherlands.

The building in corporate colours is built under KfW55 requirements. Only 55% of the energy of a standard building will be consumed. Modern technology like air and heat pumps, heat exchangers, a photovoltaic system and excellent insulation ensure these goals.

griptech Headquarters
We are proud of the developments. Together with our dealers and partners we hope to grow in to the market so we can meet and optimize customer demand now and in the future.

The new address and number is:
Griptech GmbH Konrad-Zuse-Straße 8 D-52134 Herzogenrath T +49 2407 555 02-0


We are looking for more dealers and distributors Griptech acquired INS Intersoft Nexø in 2017 who where based in Denmark and founded in 1996, and has been representing innovative hydraulic weighing technology for the last two decades represented hydraulic weighing technology innovation, branded worlwide as Griptech, and has done what seemed impossible to many – bringing this hydraulic weighing technology to a better accuracy level than a load cell.

The company’s business covers three leading product lines: (legal for trade) Hydraulic weighing for forklift trucks and other lifting vehicles Unique designed weighing forks for electric pallet trucks and stackers Weighing hand pallet trucks. And more. The current sales network covers most continents and the company exports to more than 20 countries. Griptech is continuously improving the existing product line but also carrying out new product development, and will soon launch more cutting-edge product news.

In order to respond the worldwide market needs and inquiries, Griptech GmbH is looking for more dealers and distributors all over the world. Today no alternative solutions on the world mobile weighing market represents a better combination of product quality, accuracy, price and product design with resistance for any application.

So please contact us, if you want to become a distributor of the successful Griptech product range in your area:

Griptech GmbH
Rodney van der Lingen

+49 2407 555 02 71



“The SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement” is coming into effect from July 2016. The intention is to reduce the number of accidents at sea which are caused by wrongly declared container weights. SOLAS is an international maritime safety treaty designed to ensure that ships comply with minimum safety standards in construction, equipment and operation. The weighing equipment used must meet the applicable accuracy standards and requirements of the State in which the equipment is being used. The ports will refuse receiving any container without the data / certified weight of the container, and there are no exceptions available

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) SOLAS amendments provide two approved methods in determining the container weight:

– Method 1 – The shipper (or third party) weighs the complete packed container using calibrated and certified equipment:

The Griptech TC3000-RS is specifically developed for reach stackers and to meet the SOLAS requirements. The system is extremely reliable and delivers the most accurate weight verification data possible through a simple and automated process.

– Method 2 – The shipper (or third party) weighs all individual items of the container using a certified method approved by the State in which the container is being packed:

Integration of a mobile weighing system onto your forklift assuring a safe container transport to the port. The Griptech TC3000 is the most accurate hydraulic weighing system in the world and a safety product that can be mounted on any counterbalanced forklift.

The benefits of applying the Griptech TC3000-RS for both Method 1 & 2:

  • Weighing and handling combined in one movement.
  • Quick container weighing and data processing in less than 7 seconds.
  • The most accurate weighing possible of the container.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Improves safety.

By installing a retro fit container weighing system into existing container handling equipment the terminal logistics is improved, the need to provide a dedicated weighing station is eliminated, and the port’s operational safety is considerably increased.


The efficiency of a supply chain facility is depending on the loading and unloading areas, as increased market competition forces companies to get the ingoing materials and finished goods in and out as fast and effective as possible.

When looking at safety statistics, you soon conclude that these areas are where most forklift accidents are taking place. Loading and unloading areas can create complicated situations for even the best forklift driver, with numerous risks to avoid such as…

  • Speed
  • Workers
  • Stress
  • Traffic
  • Heavy freight
  • Awkward materials
  • …and so on.

A high share of these accidents result in staff injuries that end up costing the companies fortunes each year. The lack of a basic forklift safety control system can be blamed for most of these accidents.

With the Griptech OLP Overload Protection System you have a built-in overload security that will warn you every time you overload the forklift truck.

If required, the Griptech OLP system will warn the truck driver and workers by visible or audible alarm.

The other option is to integrate the Griptech OLP into the forklift by an operational restriction. This could be by warning the driver that he has tried to exceed the lifting capacity, specified into the system and set for that forklift truck, by connecting the Griptech OLP electric relays to the forklift. The relays could activate an automatic lowering of the forks, reduce the speed or a similar forklift action making it impossible to drive with the overload.

Griptech INS Intersoft

Dear Customers, We are pleased to inform you today that we are expanding our range of mobile weighing technology with the products of the company INS Intersoft Nexo. Denmark-based Intersoft Nexo specializes in high accuracy hydraulic weighing systems. The product range includes high quality weighing systems and overload warning systems. Product improvements and innovations are […]