The efficiency of a supply chain facility is depending on the loading and unloading areas, as increased market competition forces companies to get the ingoing materials and finished goods in and out as fast and effective as possible.

When looking at safety statistics, you soon conclude that these areas are where most forklift accidents are taking place. Loading and unloading areas can create complicated situations for even the best forklift driver, with numerous risks to avoid such as…

  • Speed
  • Workers
  • Stress
  • Traffic
  • Heavy freight
  • Awkward materials
  • …and so on.

A high share of these accidents result in staff injuries that end up costing the companies fortunes each year. The lack of a basic forklift safety control system can be blamed for most of these accidents.

With the Griptech OLP Overload Protection System you have a built-in overload security that will warn you every time you overload the forklift truck.

If required, the Griptech OLP system will warn the truck driver and workers by visible or audible alarm.

The other option is to integrate the Griptech OLP into the forklift by an operational restriction. This could be by warning the driver that he has tried to exceed the lifting capacity, specified into the system and set for that forklift truck, by connecting the Griptech OLP electric relays to the forklift. The relays could activate an automatic lowering of the forks, reduce the speed or a similar forklift action making it impossible to drive with the overload.