The Griptech pallet truck scales are developed to resist even the toughest material handling environment in any industry and warehouse. Unlike standard load cell pallet truck scales integrated directly into the original forks, the special Griptech hydraulic pallet weighing scales construction has no components exposed to shocks and vibrations. For this reason, the Griptech scales for pallet truck stay maintenance free, don’t suffer and don’t get damaged during harsh lift truck handling, but just keep on generating accurate weighing results.

The Griptech arrangement allows an easy, safe and fast operation and control, without the need for time requiring route changes to a floor scale. A part from the important time savings and higher efficiency by using a pallet truck scale, the system also allows further added values like wireless weighing data transfer for full data management into the company operation system.

An Griptech lift scale provides a general improved flexibility, less internal traffic and an increased plant safety, and generates both direct and indirect economic savings.