Optimized TC2000-S for warehouse trucks without return hose.

Griptech introduced you a new way of mobile weighing on warehouse trucks, we try to optimized the material handling industries with a great solution. The TC2000-S can be installed on almost any type of stackers and powered pallet trucks without any return hose back to the tank. With this pattend system we can quarante the same accurancy as exemple the TC2000 (0.2% of truck capacity).

The TC2000-S is a very reliable and high-quality weighing system. The best weighing result is guaranteed in combination with the TC indicator software. This system has no influence on the capacity of the truck and the load center point and can also be used in combination with attachments. The weighing components are built-in protected on the lift truck and are insensitive to overloading and impact forces and suitable for intensive applications.


  • Small design for installation in warehouse trucks
  • Smart software for one way movement, down only
  • Safe protected against overload on the weighing system
  • Secure data storage for 999 weighing on the indicator
  • Sexy, it is…

Lift the load to a height marked on the mast. The system is activated by pressing a button on the indicator and the fork carriage is lowered by the operator via the usual controls. The speed is controlled via the measuring block. The weight is now calculated and appears in the display.

DMD reduces the influence of mechanical frictions in the forklift mast and hydraulic cylinders by automatically lowering the forks during weighing operations.

The TC2000-S system is based on a reliable hydraulic weighing principle (DMD), offering a unique robustness and protection against overload. The power supply and transient protection circuit enables the TC2000-S to fit almost any forklift truck without having to pay special attention to supply voltages and electrical noise.